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I haven’t posted any new art in a while, I’m in between projects at the moment, so here’s a sketch of a dog I’ve been working on for something.
Thank you Samson for reluctantly posing for reference material.
…Oh yeah, and Chris too, I guess. b a d c
I’m a huge Back to the Future fan. Even the 3rd one, and I have no shame in saying that. I wanted to push my digital paintings with a little more detail AND I also wanted to capture this famous Marty McFly face, so I figured why not do both at the same time?
This is heavy, Doc. by *BobWulff b a d c
Drew this little number last night at 3AM. Saw it on thebabesea.com and had an “I HAVE TO DRAW YOU” moment. Took about 20 minutes. b a d c
I’ve been really shitty with posting lately and I’m very sorry. I’ve been super busy working on a new project that I will explain in detail at a later time.
This is a traditional drawing I did last year that I finally got around to coloring digitally. I used to think I was horrible at drawing women, so I try to draw women as much as I can for practice. b a d c

Top 10 Priorities (What Matters Most To Me)

This was a project for my Senior Thesis class about 10 things that mattered most to me. Then I was somehow supposed to tie this into what I was going to do for my senior thesis. I thought I ended up telling way too much about myself, so you people may find it interesting:

When given this assignment I sighed and thought “great this is gonna be a lot of work.” Then, I opened up my notebook, grabbed my pen and a list of 10 things that mattered to me fell out of the tip of my pen in priority order. I guess I’ll start with number 1, because this isn’t a count down and that would be stupid if it was.

1) Bettering myself.

I have talents. Everybody has talents. They might not be that great, important, or experienced in their talent, but everybody is good at something. I know that I’m good at some things, but my father always told me “You may be good, but you’ll never be great.” My father is not a mean person, he is also not a deep thinking philosopher.

I don’t know where he pulled this line from, but It’s very simple words have been eating away at me since high school. It’s a good kind of eating away. It has always kept me wanting to be better at what I do.

2) Career goals.

Another good line my father has always been trying to push down my throat is ,”If you get a job doing what you love, you will never work a day in your life.” I found that I love to create things. Weather it be illustration, design, engineering (that one time I soldered a Sega Genesis counts) or music, my life goal is to find a job that I love doing. It doesn’t have to make a lot of money, it just has to keep me living.

3) Finishing school.

This is now my SIXTH (6th [ VI ] ) year at SUNY Farmingdale. I hate school. I cannot wait to not have to go to school anymore. I do like my major, which is awesome. I guess I just don’t like doing busy work. Don’t get me wrong, I have learned a lot of invaluable things at this school. I just cannot wait to go out on my own and start a career.

4) My portfolio.

I guess this kind of goes hand in hand with career goals. I need to show potential employers why I’m good at what I do. Also, I need to gain experience. My portfolio is how I show someone that I’ve used my time creatively.

5) Actual money making work.

Something has to pay the bills in the mean time. Actually, I only really spend money on food. I love food. More on that later…

6) Video games.

I grew up playing video games. I worked in a video game store for 3 years, and still continue to make an appearance occasionally not because I need the money, but because I LOVE VIDEO GAMES. It’s my generation’s comic books. Oh, and I also love comic books, but dare I say if I had to choose one or the other, it would be video games by a landslide.

Think about it like this: A video game is like one long movie that you are a part of, giving you a similar sense of accomplishment that the hero feels when you complete the story.

7) Friends & Family

My friends are like a family. We see each other almost every day. We even get together for holiday dinners like a family. Then of course, I have an actual family. I guess I have a lot of love floating around my life. I am a very fortunate person. But don’t worry, its all a very, very tough love…

…I’m manly, I swear.

8) Music

I don’t like music as much as I used to. Which is weird to say, because everybody likes music. How can you NOT like music? I just don’t see it as much of a priority anymore.

But why let a talent go to waste? I play the drums, and I still try to every chance I get. I even still write and play music with my friend (ehem thickskinep.com ehem) whenever we can. It keeps us from getting rusty.

9) Girlfriend (or lack there of)


Ladies, I’m single. You can be my number 9 anytime.

10) Food

I had to seriously ask myself “What’s more important to me, woman or food?”

I love food. Greasy, disgusting food. I love to eat out with people. I don’t hang out at bars, I don’t go to clubs, I don’t even go to shows like I used to. Me and my friends hang out at food establishments. However, I don’t eat a lot of food, but what little it is I do eat, you can be sure I’m in heaven.

Full Disclosure:

In all honesty, I want to use this senior project to do things that I have never done before and that I’ve always wanted to do. I think it’s a perfect opportunity to show people that I have the ability to make a living doing fun and creative things for the rest of my life.

I want to animate a short film, or at the very least go through the pitching process of creating a story board, character concepts and an animation test. I’m not looking to change the world. If anything I’m looking to tell an engaging story. I want people to see the story I’ve told through some form of sequential art and think about it for at least 2 seconds. I think that would be the greatest feeling in the world.

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A while ago I asked if anybody had any ideas for a 20 minute sketch. My good buddy ol’ pal GW (http://briangiwojna.tumblr.com/) asked for a Native American. COINCIDENTALLY the two of us are ALSO working on a collaboration project. He sent me 25, 4 x 6in drawings that I have to add to. This is one of them. I will be posting a few more soon. See if you can guess who did what. b a d c
My new favorite brush. I can almost count the hairs on it, but I wont, cause I don’t wanna. b a d c
Just using myself as a photo reference b a d c
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