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Middle Eastern Ruins by BobWulff

Took a Production/ Concept Art class at SVA. This was the outcome. 

Doodling in Photoshop CS6 - Mostly done with a Microsoft Surface Pro 2. b a d c
Been playing #Strider for PS4. Quick 20 min #sketch b a d c
#walkingdead #sketch during the last 30min of a great season finally. b a d c
Logo design for @apasini and his new podcast network. Coming soon. Guess what the inspiration was? b a d c
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Thank you, @bywatermusic for the interview, the great performances, and being WCWP Tonight first guest. Listen to Bywater at: Follow us on twitter: @tonightwcwp. (at WCWP Radio)

Good times b a d c
Concept doodle for a thing #sketch #concept #characterdesign #conceptart b a d c
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